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Selfie by the School Bus taken in 2006 glitchified in 2022


Humor. That is how many us of teachers are getting through these last two plus years of teaching. We are now in the 4th quarter of the third school year of the pandemic. We are in the homestretch. As one of my teacher friends said, many of us are crawling to the finish line this year. 

And so, we adapt. We share our funny memes and new norms. At one recent meeting I heard a new term that cracked me up. It was mullet wardrobe. Mullet Wardrobe! Yes, mullet, like the 80s haircut. Business on the top and casual on the bottom. 

And, yes...

Slippers. I love slippers and collect all sorts of goofy slippers. I used to have slipper days when I taught brick and mortar. Cheeseburgers and Unicorns. Traditions. 

Traditions and culture. I wonder, what are some of the other new traditions that are happening during the pandemic in PK-12? I wonder this as I chew my ice with my headphones on and then check to make sure I muted my microphone. Iced coffee goodness. There is a training going on in another window of a topic that has been unpacked and repacked till the suitcase can no longer take in that gobbledygook.

With that a new poem emerges. A haiku. I thought I'd share. This is one of my chimes that I say to my sweet hubby in the morning. Have a great day y'all!

The Mullet Wardrobe

I am off to the

pixilated mines in my 

pajamas I go.


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