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Psychedelic Traffic Jam

Psychedelic Traffic Jam

Psychedelic Traffic Jam taken in Monterey, California and digitally modified in South Bend, Indiana


Vintage typewriters are my jam. Every time we go antiquing I search out for typewriters. It is a theme in my photography. I have these themes that I am drawn to, but not sure exactly why. Typewriters, wheels, bubbles, botanicals, and of course clouds.

Big puffy clouds, no matter what the weather.

Art is like a big puffy cloud of possibilities. What if, as I often wonder, what if creating art pushes our senses to new states of being? Through art studies, we look at what we are studying through multiple perspectives. We look closely. We look intently. Lately, I have been working on a study of glitches. OMGeee, it is trippy indeed. I have also been wondering about the types of glitches. It seems there are many types and some have names (e.g. clipping, interface, sequence breaking).

All the code miscues are sort of like poetry. Poetry. Lovely poetry! In college, I took some poetry classes and one of my fav professors told us that, "You have to know the rules before you can break the rules."




        Glitches ~

  ...all a psychedelic traffic jam. 






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