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College Papers

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College papers, where are they? I found some of my college papers in a big baggie full of discs. I have been making time to reflect, but it is hard to reflect sometimes. You have to do the work, and that makes space for more work. It is a Snow Day here in Indiana. I was surprised to find out that virtual schools have Snow Days too. 

We have the space heater going and I am reflecting on my education and my role as a teacher. So many teachers are out sick now, that the National Guard has been called in some states because they cannot find enough teaching coverage. All this certainly was not in the text books when I was at the College of Ed. 

How are teachers taking this time to use their voices and tell their stories of education? Recently, the Chicago Public Schools Teachers Union had a strike for unsafe working conditions during the pandemic. We are all in this unprecedented time. How do we document the time? How will we share our stories? Will we, or will they be put away in plastic baggies on tech that is outdated?


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