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Sometimes I can't turn off my brain. It is a little after 4:00 a.m. and I can't sleep. I have been up for almost an hour doing school work. There is a lot of paperwork (now digital work) with special education. Also, thinking about my mother-in-law as she may be moving in with us soon. We are planning on transitioning her from a rehab facility to our two bedroom apartment. We are going to be making the living room her area. The social worker in another state where she is in the Midwest said that Medicare will provide a medical bed. 

Also, thinking about our cousins. One of my cousin's sons is in college at the U of I. They have some innovative ways to do contact tracing. He is in a fraternity. Some of his brothers had a party over the summer and 12 boys got coronavirus. Thankfully, he did not attend that summer party. He has his grandma at home as my husband's cousin is caretaking for her. She is 83 and he didn't want her to get exposed.

Flash forward to this fall, each student has to be tested twice a week. They can be tested more if they would like. The coronavirus testing is in tents. The fraternity brothers have made it into an activity. They call it Bro Testing.

At his college, each student has an app that does the contact tracing. Before the students can go into the libraries or even bars, they have to scan the app. If someone is in contact with a person who has been exposed then they will be notified that they have to quarantine and will not have access to many of the campus' buildings and buildings in the community.  

Here in Cali, as I go out to get the mail or do the laundry at the laundromat, I notice how many people still are not wearing mask. I am a bit agoraphobic and my neighbor is a bit claustrophobic. She and I have talked via phone . She does not wear a mask and I skedaddle by her quickly when passing her in the hall. She  is a college professor. She has not been wearing a mask since the onset. I am not sure why. She hung out at the parties by the pool all summer without a mask. I wonder all those months without a mask, surely she has been exposed to coronavirus, no?

Back to contact tracing, why couldn't PK-12 schools use an app to help with contact tracing for the brick and mortar schools that are open for our kiddos? More on that later. I am going to try and catch some zzzzs before another workday. Happy Friday Y'all!! :o)






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