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Elder Care Pods

Elder Care Pods

I've been trying to talk my husband to moving back to Chicago for some time now. Most of our family is there. We may be taking care of my mother-in-law. She is out of state. Last week I had a dream that my mother-in-law and my husband's aunt and uncle were all walking down the street with their walkers. My mother-in-law has a fantastic sense of humor. She is a person who never met a stranger. People are drawn to her.

When we are able to go to Chicago it is wonderful to see the three siblings together. We cherish that time. Yes, it can be challenging at times, but thankfully our cousins have awesome senses of humor too. I love that quick wit in Chicago. I am not sure if we will move, or if I can even move at this time. I am teaching in California. Our teacher's union talked about the Families First Care Act. So many teachers are taking care of children and/or their elderly family members. 

Some families are paying veteran teachers to teach pods of children so that they can go to work. They are helping teachers who don't want to go back to a brick and mortar school during this time. Hmmm. Pods. It makes me think of The Invasion of the Body Snatchers. I wish there were a more fitting word. Let's see, a Gaggle of Grands. Maybe that would work. Nursing homes at this time are worrisome. We are thankful for them, but also worried. Will we be able to see her? What if families worked together to care for their elderly loved ones together? I think back to the olden days, was that what it was like? Now, most families live states a part. We move for our jobs. 

In my ideal scenario, we would live near our cousins that that we could help each other with elder care. We could also be there for each other for respite care. Plus, the grands could share precious time together in their golden years. 

I took care of my grandparents when they passed away. As my grandmother was passing I held her hand and sang her favorite hymnals. I am thankful for that time. Everything slows down when a loved one is near passing. 

No one knows how long each of us has. We are planning on how we will take care of the grands. It is especially tricky being out of state and with Covid. There are facilities and rehab, and there is also family. Right now, it is especially scary to have a loved one in an assisted living facility. We are thinking of removing the couch from our living room and setting up a room for Mom G. Pressing forward and seeking wisdom.



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