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I'm Ready with Jazz Hands!

I'm Ready with Jazz Hands!

Sometimes you know when you are ready! Ready. You've had a dream for a while and know that fruition and harvest times are nearby. That is how I have been feeling lately. 

How does one nudge the universe that it's time? Or does the universe nudge you?

Fellowships. There is one fellowship that I feel is mine. I have felt that for many years. Now, this is my year. I feel it in my bones. I have collected dust in the holding bin. I am just waiting for the universe to open up. As such, I am putting this out to the universe. I am ready with jazz hands!  I am almost too afraid to say it aloud, the one that I want. The fellowship that I want could open doors and allow me more freedom to do more creative works. 

Teachers can daydream, can't we?

What benefits do fellowships have for PK-12 teachers? For our students? For our communities? For our fields and the future of our profession?

Speaking from the field, how do teachers show they are ready to be leaders in their fields? To have a voice? To bend and lend an ear? How do we show promise and contribution?

With that, what are leaders now a days? Is it the It or Grit Factor?

This year, I am co-sponsoring a virtual drama club. I have been studying up on the It Factor. Casting agents know the It Factor. Sometimes casting agents need to try out too. In an interview, one of the casting agents who wanted to cast for a movie said that she knew that one in particular was for her. She said that for a week and a half another casting agent was working on the movie.The movie that she still knew was hers appeared to be filled. She said that she claimed it even still. When people would call her assistant, she said that she would ask her assistant, "Is that my movie calling?" She claimed it. Then it was her movie calling. She was able to be the casting agent for the movie and the movie she casted for still inspires today. 

Claim it! If you have a dream in your heart, it is there for a reason. Cultivate your dreams!

It Factor. Intangible. You'll know it when you see it, but it is often hard to describe. What makes it hard to describe? Perhaps it is different with different domains? Some common threads on the quilt of It-ness are: contribution, exuberance, confidence (that comes from experience and calling), humility, wonder, and humor (being able to laugh at oneself).

The Grit Factor. Grit, teachers know this when we see this. We see a student persevering though many challenging circumstances. Grit. If you make a mistake or thousands, you learn, you grow. You share. You inspire. You are open to the dance. On split beats, you kick ball change and turn yourself around. Yes, and...the show must go on. Gumption dances on the porch with splayed jazz hands. 







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