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Grand Je·té

Grand Je·té

Jack be nimble,

Jack be quick,

Jack jump over

The candlestick.

For some time, I have been thinking about nursery rhymes and fairy tales. How can I share my story as a PK-12 teacher to the next generation of teachers and make it fun? 'Well,' I thought, 'let's visit some classic children's stories and poetry.'

This week Jack Be Nimble by Mother Goose has been playing in my head. I read a little about it and learned that jumping over a candlestick used to be a form of fortune telling. Hmmm. Day to day, teachers are jumping over candlesticks. And what will the future bring?

The clocks are still, and yet wind. Since the school shutdowns in California, there has been the air of urgency with teachers. Be nimble and be quick. Instant replies. Texting. Skype Groups. Zooms. Though we are not physically moving around in our classrooms, we are spinning in our minds. Our chairs, our desks, our dining room offices are quiet, and the windows are shut.


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