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Learning Coaches

Learning Coaches

Wow! It has been quite a week! Lots of data collection!! We had our 30 day IEPs for our new students to virtual school. Here are some quick takeaways from teaching virtual school. Each child at our virtual school have learning coaches (LC for short). At the onset of a child joining virtual school the parents must pick a family member to be their designated learning coach. The LC is suppose to sit with the student while they are online taking their classes. The LC is also the point of contact. 

This is an efficient system in that the LC becomes familiar with all the learning platforms. He or she can access the curriculum and class recordings. Often a grandparent is an LC and supports their grandchild's learning. I am thankful for our LCs. 

I lived with my grandparents during my junior year of high school. I remember my grandparents helping me with school. Those are memories I cherish. Grandparents, You rock!



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