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Silverlining Sceneius

Silverlining Sceneius

It occurred to me this morning, that I know some really smart people. One of them is Vicki Davis, she is an amazing teacher. She is one of the smartest teacher I know and has been inspiring teachers consistently and compassionately for over 15 years. When I was a new teacher, I would read her blog. She has so many great ideas.

During the pandemic, one of the sliverlinings is that we are able to have the time to connect with others. One of my students and I were able to connect with Vicki and learn about the amazing things she is doing with her students. She and her students were so kind and brilliant. Her students collaborated and built the Wonders of the World in Mnecraft. One student, took us on a gallery tour through an Egyptian Pyramid he and his team built. A-MAZ-ing!! Annnnd the in the Minecraft Colosseum, well, I could almost hear lions roar! The geometry and precision of each pixel left me speechless. 

Vicki also talked about the notion of Scenius. She said it was a term that author C.S. Lewis talked about when describing his friendship with his fellow author friends. A scenius is a group of friends that collectively cultivate creativity and genius among each other. Her students exemplified this through the excellence and guidance of her teaching. What a treat and wonderful silverlining!


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