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Teachers & Profs Talk About It Meet Up?

Hi Fellow Teachers and Profs, 

With all that is going on are we really hearing from educators themselves? Today I was watching DeVos again. She said that she couldn't give an opinion on something because she is not a doctor or medical professional, but has she ever been a teacher? I see that she has mentored at-risk students before and that is good. However, walking in a teacher's shoes is much different. 

We are living in historical times. Lately, I have been reading and researching teaching during the 1918 pandemic. Some of the teachers were out of school a month and an a half. They were not paid, but school resumed in the summer for the kids when things were safer. I am going to continue researching the voices from teachers of the past. I want to see what I can learn from their legacy.

Speaking of legacy, I was wondering maybe some of us could discuss schools and university reopenings via a Zoom call to share new ideas and concerns. It can also be a historical video that others teachers and profs may benefit from gleaning multiple perspectives. If you are up for it. Please leave a comment with contact info. 

Also, please share your silver linings. My silverlinings in the professional realm are that I was able to connect with people I may have never connected with. Hierarchies were more porous. Ideas were the keys that opened doors so teachers could talk with change makers. While my voice was muted at my own school, I connected with others. One of my colleagues that is at the district level and I presented on digital co-teaching with our cohort. It was awesome and fun! Hopefully, more teachers will seek digital co-teaching as a way to be more inclusive during this time too. 

Looking forward to hearing your silverlinings!

Best Wishes,

Mechelle : )






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