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Curating One's Digital Art

Curating One's Digital Art

So...I've been thinking a lot about digital art lately. The other day I wrote down on a napkin meanderings regarding digital art. It is at the bottom of my teacher bag. I need to unpack. Unpack, that's what digital art helps me to do. Unpack my busy mind through random free assoications. The best thing about digital art compared to straight analog art is that it is more cost effective. Hence, art becomes more accessible to folks.

Indeed, I am more willing to take risk experimenting with colors, collage, and photography than if I bought at the materials at the art store. Moreover, for those of use who get frustrated when our fine motor skills may not have caught up to our imaginations splicing up pixels is much more instantly gratifiying. It lends to zoning out more readily than worrying about if the painting isn't right. One can easily undo.

Secondly, analog art is often stays in isolation. Analog can be quite agoraphoic. Where as, digital art is social, but social in a way that is confortable for introverts. One can chime in and unplug when overwhelmed. Online communities are a great way for emerging artists to learn about curating one's art. I've been searching for different venues online where I can share my art and learning along the way. One of the main things I've learned is that when curating my art, it is important to look at the digital feng shui. I have been striving to make my transitions smooth between images. Often I will go back and delete an image that doesn't flow with the whole.

I've adopted a Gestaltian approach when curating my digtital art. I want the whole of my work to be perceived as more than the sum of its parts. Hues are important to flow as well as textures and compositions. When looking at other artists' work, I have noticed that I read the digital images quickly and am drawn to glance the thumbnails. If they appeal to my eye I may expand an art piece before going through a whole gallery. As such, by learning to read others digital art, I am learning to curate my own. Thumbnails play an important part, they are sort of like abstracts with academic writing.

What are some of the things you are noticing when curating your art?


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