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Stating One's Art

Stating One's Art



So, here goes. Here's my art statement. I figured when writing that I must be a little vulnerable to show my stance. This is my starting point:


Have you ever walked into a building and felt the echoes? Though changing form, energy remains constant, so posited English Physicist and Stout Brewer James Prescott Joule.


My work is blurred. Tilt-shifted. Echoes ooze sluggish. I am fond of secondary hues and in betweens. As an artist, I am drawn to energies and away from others. With vulnerability, I share that I am sensitive to energies. The energies can be almost painful. Lights, echoes, scents, taste and textures all heighten. Cacophony begins then the dancing lights.


Quantum. Ocular. Otherworldly. Neurologic.


Then the migraine. My somewhat shadow self sneaks away in solace with shutters drawn. Facing up, of course. I cocoon until my own energy is strong again. Introverted is my natural state where I imagine a bubble. It is buoyant to the echoes and energies yet encountered. I seek order and beloved mathematical rules. Equal energies.


Descartes juxtaposes.

The migraine subsides, and I begin translating the energies.


The arts help center me. As a special education teacher, I work with extreme energy frequencies. I am thankful that I am in tune and believe it helps me connect with my students. Yet, I need to hush the echoes and the energies to a level that is comfortable to me and that’s where my art comes in. Along my journey, I am learning to be both kinder to my art and myself. Art is bringing symmetry to the energies and slumbering the echoes.


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