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Walking Dead Fandom

Walking Dead Fandom

Tonight is the return of AMC's Walking Dead television show. My husband and I are looking forward to it. This is a sci-fi show based on Robert Kirkman's comic book The Walking Dead where characters survive and thrive in a zombie apocalypse. We still aren't sure who made it from the last episode, but are looking forward to seeing who will be with us during this season's journey. 

This is the first television show that I have embraced the fandom of multimedia forms. My husband and I just love the show. We have starting collecting some of the comic books, we've played the Telltale Walking Dead Game (i.e. a choose your own adventure game), and you can use interactive photo filters to zombify you friends and yourself.

Moreover, this show has also helped me to connect with my middle schoolers, especially my "tough" boys. Many of my students are surprised to hear that their teacher loves The Walking Dead. One of my favorite students (I know we aren't suppose to have favorites, but I can't help it) even got me the Rick Walking Dead action figure for Christmas! How can I not love this kid!

Now, if I can just think of how to tie it into my lesson planning. Perhaps, I can do a physics lesson on how to keep a fence fortified when there is a herd of zombies pressing up against it to get in. Oh, and neurology too! Oh and - there's lots of ethical debates that my students and I can have. Such as, what is humanity? What defines us? And what constitutes the spark of life? Further, we can bring in sociology and everyone's role in building a community. I love that "One-legged Hershel" reiterates that everyone has a job to do in the community. Tear. It's so sad Hershel isn't with us anymore. He was the group's moral compass. But his legacy lives on. Hmmm...yes, I think my fan montage will be to create a fun lesson plan this week with a Walking Dead theme! What an awesome way to celebrate Valentine's week with my middle schoolers!!

Fellow HASTACers, do you love The Walking Dead too?! If so, please share! And remember as Rick says, "Don't look back!"




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