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Google Glass & Students with (Dis)Abililties

Google Glass & Students with (Dis)Abililties

I'm really excited to learn about Google Glass. My husband works in Silicon Valley and does the audio-visual for many of the techie companies when they have conferences. He is the one who told me about Google Glass and it is really cool!

Google Glass, or as I often call them Google Glasses, are a ubiquitous computer you wear. In other words, they are Smart glasses in which the individuals can put on the lens of augmented reality. There is an early adopters program. However, the cost is about $1500. a pair.

As a teacher/scholar, I am curious to know the possibilities Google Glass has for students with (dis)abilities. I wonder how can Google Glass be a support for our students. Also, being a nature lover, I wonder the possibilities of using Google Glass outside for science classes. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could take our students out hiking with Google Glass? Think of all the wonderful possibilities!




(A photo of a Google Glass prototype seen at Google I/O in June 2012)


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Will you post this in the current forum on disability, access and pedagogy? It would be great to have your thoughts there!