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Search, Socialize, Synthesize

Search, Socialize, Synthesize


As I write this, I am afraid it may not seem scholarly enough. However, after teaching high school all day, my brain is still on many tangents. I hope you'll bunny trail with me. As I am trying to write each day and sometimes need to say it plain. Lately, I've been wondering...


How do we categorize the way we use the Internet? What are the main functions? I'm in the process of research design and/or reframing the design. As a teacher and scholar, I've been doing reflective action research for about 10 years relating to special needs, gifted ed, and technology. I am currently writing a book on autism and technology. However, I would like to explore more. I am inspired by such researchers as Mimi Ito, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, and Seymour Papert. I would like to extend on their work focusing on children and teens who have been diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum.


To begin, I was reflecting of the very basics on how one could categorize Net use when doing research. Three functions came to mind: 1.) Searching, 2.) Socializing, and 3.) Synthesizing. I also included a couple examples in each. With that, there is some overlap. Please see my concept map. When researching, color-coding and concepts help me organize. Notice, I arrowed word processing to go in the orange subcategory, which is typical school work consisting of search and sythesize. Communities of Practice would be predominately in the purple category of search and socialize. Coding would be primarily in the yellow category of synthesize with little searching and socialization.


This is just a beginning framework. With my research, I'd like to give vignette examples of how children and teens on the Austism Spectrum Search, Socialize, and Synthesize. I would also like to explore the overlaps and Geeking, green, purple, and brown hyper geeking out. As I document, scribble, snap photos, screen shots and videos I will color-code it. Shuffle. And recode it many times I'm sure. For now, here is one lens. Any feedback would be much appreciated. Thank you kindly! : )




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