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Remixing History: The International Technohistorian Project

To move forward with digital learning, we must also understand our past. We need the context. This project is to encourage educators to take on the role of historian in sharing technological advances. As Moore's Law posits, technology is advancing at an exponential rate. Wouldn't it be wonderful if educators worked together to catalog technology of the past and video history as it is being made today for future generations? If you are a computer scientists reading this, it is time to dust off the old reels at the university and/or tech company and share them with our school children. Let's see technological advances from an international perspective. Let's recycle the textbooks and remix history!

I have created a project website. It is in its beginning stage. I've added some videos. It would be great if there were a video on the work of Lady Ada Byron Countess of Lovelace (a.k.a. the mother of computing and daughter of Lord Byron) but unfortunately there is not. Sadly, there isn't much for our students about women and minorities in the history of computing. Many stories remain untold. Hopefully, teachers and computer scientists can partner to change that.

Here's the link: 

Please feel free to join, if you'd like. I hope you enjoy the videos. Here's one from 1969. The hippie guy is my favorite...groovy, man!

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