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PICNIC tomorrow! Follow along on Twitter at #picnic10

I have the incredible privilege of representing HASTAC at PICNIC in Amsterdam this year. Over the course of my citywide wanderings, I've come across print and TV ads for PICNIC throughout the city, all of which have only served to heighten my excitement.  It promises to be an amazing event!

I've just spent the last couple of hours reading through the robust program. Managing to get to all the sessions, various collaborative projects and demonstrations, idea labs and arts expositions that I want to see is going to be quite the challenge. 

Tomorrow, I'm particularly interested in the day long workshop on "Project Dream School"--a day long workshop dedicated to envisioning the future of education and how to better prepare students for the digital age and for a changing world. What could be more perfect given HASTAC's involvement with developing a new MA in Knowledge and Networks degree at Duke? I can't wait to discuss our ideas with PICNIC attendees and to hear about the projects others are working on and their ideas.

Several other interesting projects that are exhibiting tomorrow are addressing unique ways to encourage discovery, access, analysis  and comprehension of the wealth of open data on the web. One in particular, the Open Data MashUp Lab examines data sources that are available and invites attendees to think about what kind of mash-ups we could imagine with the available data. Another, the HeadsUp! Global Challenge has brought together an extraordinary group of advisors from the worlds of design, communication, data visualization and climate science to forge a unique competition: a challenge to international designers to transform climate data into an interactive animated digital display a heads up display for the planet. Cool, right?

I also can't wait to hear more about the European Street Design Challenge. In this challenge, six teams of design students and young professionals from throughour Europe will collaboratively design and prototype a street of the future solution (e.g. interactive street furniture, smart communications or entertainment spaces, surfaces, or device) for Amsterdam's historic Red Light District).

Finally, "Redesiging Life and Issues of Intellectual Property" dares to ask whether we need an open source revolution in biotechnology, citing the "tragedy of the anticommons"--a proliferation of patents in science that stymies innovation and further development.

And all of those are just in the first day. PHEW!  I'll likely be hopping from session to session and lab to lab and tweeting up a storm all the while.  You can follow the larger PiCNIC stream on Twitter, hashtag #picnic10.

For those of you unfamiliar with PICNIC, their website gives a great description. What could be more HASTAC?:

The PICNIC name represents everything we strive to be. It is a gathering of friends old and new, where everyone brings something to the table. People from diverse backgrounds come to exchange ideas and insight in an informal, social atmosphere. It's a chance to try new things and expose yourself to ideas outside your area of expertise. Share, discuss, collaborate and leave with a new perspective on what is possible.

PICNIC is about innovative ideas for business and society. It is an annual three-day festival that blurs the lines between creativity, science, technology and business to explore new solutions in the spirit of co-creation. Curious minds eager to exchange their knowledge, ideas and skills gather at PICNIC, making it the place to create the future - together.

PICNIC attracts a global audience from a wide range of sectors. PICNIC attendees include creative agencies, artists, scientists, designers, marketers, brand managers, content producers, (new) media experts, government leaders, programmers, investors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, freelancers, inventors, technology providers, games developers, services providers, students and teachers just to name a few!

PICNIC attendees have one thing in common: they are all curious minds with a passion for finding innovative solutions for the challenges we face today and tomorrow.




Live Twitter feed from PICNIC 2010:


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