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Join HASTAC at PICNIC! 15% discount

I am very excited to have the opportunity to attend PICNIC 2010 in Amsterdam, September 22-24th.  I am equally thrilled that PICNIC organizers are extending a generous 15% registration discount to HASTACers (just enter HASTAC15 as your discount code during registration).


For those of you not familiar with this amazing event, PICNIC is an annual three day festival that blurs the lines between creativity, science, technology, and business. Just like the HASTAC network, PICNIC attendees are a varied group, including creative agencies, artists, scientists, designers, marketers, brand managers, content producers, (new) media experts, government leaders, programmers, investors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, freelancers, inventors, technology providers, games developers, services providers, students and teachers, just to name a few! 

The collboratory and multi/cross disciplenary nature of the event is quintessentially HASTAC, just check out how conference organizers describe the event on the PICNIC site:

The PICNIC name represents everything we strive to be.  A gathering of friends old and new, where everyone brings something to the table. People from diverse backgrounds come to exchange ideas and insight in an informal, social atmosphere. Its a chance to try new things and expose yourself to ideas outside your area of expertise. Share, discuss, collaborate and leave with a new perspective on what is possible . . . Curious minds eager to exchange their knowledge, ideas and skills gather at PICNIC, making it the place to create the future together.

This year's PICNIC theme is "Redesign the World" and will tackle some of the biggest natural, social and economic challenges the world has ever seen. Of course PICNIC can't possibly redesign the whole world in three days, so they have limited the event's focus to Life, Cities, Media and Design and have challenged conference goers to work collaboratively to create new solutions for a better world.

What could be more HASTAC or more exemplary of our "collaboration by difference" modus operandi? In fact, HASTAC's own motto is "learning the future" together! 

I'll be microblogging live and tweeting up a storm during the event and reporting PICNIC happenings back to the HASTAC community, but I do hope that some of my fellow HASTACers might be able to meet me there! Stay tuned!



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