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Deadline announced for DML Game Changers Youth Competition

The Game Changers Kids Competition will be open for applicants throughout the summer vacation.   The final deadline for all applications--both new and/or revised re-submissions**--is 5:00pm EDT on August 31st.

As a reminder, this contest is for creative levels in LittleBigPlanet and adventures in Spore made by anyone, anywhere in the world who is under 18 years old. If you are a young gamer we hope you'll apply. If you know one, perhaps you can let them know about the competition.

**If you submitted your application earlier in the Competition cycle and wish to revise and re-submit, make sure to do so before 5:00 pm EDT on August 31st by emailing the link to your revised level/adventure to

Game Changers Kids Competition 2010

Join the 2010 Game Changers Kids Competition for Spore and Little Big Planet players. This is your chance to prove yourself as an innovative video game creator!  Winners must be under 18, and will be selected based on Creativity and Playability.



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No entries after over 3 months! I'll try and find some recruits to get this competition going again. It's no fun without someone to go up against! Somewhat unfair that the deadline I rushed to meet was extended by this much after such a long time, though.