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Aggregated Virtual HASTAC 2010 blogs and comments

It is so wonderful to see everyone's blogs about this year's amazing virtual conference. Those of you that are posting HASTAC 2010 content to the site, please make sure to tag your blog post as "HASTAC10" so that it appears in our aggregated feed.

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Our UIUC and NCSA colleagues should be basking in the glory of this remarkable conference.  Great glowing words on Twitter and this on Google Wave.
The more I explore this (digital) conference setting, the more enthusiastic I get - I will never thank HASTAC enough for setting this up. I am new both to the wave and to second life but I like to instrumentally take the opportunity to plunge both in the content AND the (technological) context of the conference. I love experiencing (probably for the first time) a series of incredible advantages: no panels overlap, continual exchange of ideas both in real-time and in belated interaction modes, multimedia uninterrupted presentations, joining events at your convenience (trying to fit the conference into your own schedule) and being able to catch up in a very short time with discussions you missed. I am still exploring though (and yes, I found the googlewave video tutorials useful too and I therefore recommend them).