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HASTAC 2010: Participant instructions- 3 things to do now!

*Disclaimer from the Hastac team: This is a legacy page for the HASTAC 2010 conference. Please note not all links work or link to pages that no longer exist*

Don't miss your chance to fully participate and collaborate with other HASTAC 2010 conference participants! Register for the conference, apply for your Google Wave account and register your free Second Life account and  customize your avatar.

Full instructions below:

1. Conference Registration

For HASTAC 2010, you should register for the conference by visiting to register. Registration is free.

Then, once you have completed registration:

2. Establish your Google Wave account

Visit Scroll to the bottom of the page to "Request an invitation." It will take 24-48 hours for your application to be approved and google will notify you that your wave account has been activated via the email you provided them. If you already have a wave account, then you are already one step ahead. For those unfamiliar with wave, we encourage you to test it out once your account goes active. Help for wave is available:

Using Google Wave during the conference:

Wave will be main way all conference participants will interact with one another. You can view the conference schedule at:  The conference will launch at 9 am CST on April 15th. You can attend all events by visiting the conference schedule link above and clicking on any presentation link. Those links will take you to the wave. Each presentation has been scheduled a "presentation time" which is when presenters will be available for live chat. Importantly, attendees are not limited to only chatting during the allotted times. Wave allows for you to login and visit waves multiple times, replay wave chats, and post comments sporadically. We encourage you to check back throughout the three days of events as attendes will likely continue to post throughout the conference events.


3. Register for your free Second Life account and customize your avatar

To participate in Second Life events, visit and register for your free account. That happens automaticallyand allow you to then customize your avatar. We are providing SURL's for the SecondLife events that will take your avatar directly to the location for presentation. For SL events, presenters will be available on wave to answer questions from attendees after the Second Life event is completed.


Full conference schedule:

You can view the conference schedule at: and we "look" forward to "seeing" you virtually at HASTAC 2010.


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