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A Twitter London Royal Opera? Online collaborative art projects

Today's CNN Technology column had an interesting piece regarding online collaborative art projects. From re-creating Star Wars in 15 second submitted clips, to crowdsourcing an upcoming animated film, to "automated poems" generated by randomly excerpting content posted to social networking sites, these projects certainly raise interesting and controversial questions about the nature of art, artistry, authorship and collaboration.

One particularly interesting project that I will be watching is from none other than the London Royal Opera who has essentially crowdsourced the storyline of a brand new opera to the entire Twitter community. It will be fascinating to watch how all this plays out: 

From the London Royal Opera blog:

Were working with the Twitterverse to create the storyline for a brand new opera, which will be performed throughout the weekend of Deloitte Ignite (4, 5, 6 September 2009). Were investigating how short, 140-character contributions can build upon each other to create a non-linear narrative like a Choose Your Own Adventure story or a game ofConsequences. Our mysterious opera director will be regularly blogging here with updates on the story, and as well as offering his thoughts on how the story can combine with some music and acting and marvellous singing to become a finished piece.

Our Twitter Opera experiment starts on 3 August 2009. If you would like to contribute, then you can tweet your line of the story to @youropera or



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