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HASTAC V IS Ann Arbor. WINTER IS Ann Arbor.

HASTAC V IS Ann Arbor. WINTER IS Ann Arbor.

This is HASTAC scholar Matt Burton reporting from Ann Arbor and guess what?

Snow and cold aside, I look forward to meeting those who are coming for the HASTAC V conference IRL.

The program looks like a fantastic lineup and I am jazzed to talk about Digital Scholarly Communication.

See you soon!



Although I'm sad to miss the conference, I'm not sad to miss Michigan weather in December. I'll be observing from the warm confines of my office in North Carolina.

For others who aren't there in person (and attendees seeking an extra level of connection), there's a Twiter backchannel getting started:!/search?q=%23hastac2011



Looking forward to the conference and meeting you and other HASTAC Scholars in Ann Arbor. Just hope my trip ends better than Ned Stark's stay in King's Landing.

- Eric


Love the Game of Thrones reference, and I am very excited to meet other HASTAC scholars at the conference (even if I'm one of the youngest people there).


Let's just hope we don't resort to swing swords at each other...


....for now, at least. Nice meme-welcome, tho, Matt!

We've got a nice little bit of snow, but it's luckily not too bitterly cold. Very much looking forward to meeting folks IRL, too! Sad that I cannot attend the AltAc gathering tonight, but I'll see you all soon enough!