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Using the Scanner (This Thing is a Beast!)

Using the Scanner (This Thing is a Beast!)

The Epson Expression 10000XL is a thing of beauty. From the weight of the lid to the fact that it never slips no matter in what position I leave it, to the groan it makes when it scans and how it picks up ever detail down to the tiniest pen markings, I love everything about this machine. I am a technofile and gadget-lover and I know I am not alone in this. 

In some ways the Expression 10000XL (why do they call it that? Were there 9,999 models before this one? Were those models all S, M, or L?) is almost too powerful. When scanning duplexed documents 30 years old or more I experienced issues with bleedthrough. My initial (and as it turned out overly-complicated) solution was to adjust the levels of tone using the Epson scanner's software, so that the bleedtrhough was illiminated without compromising the text of the document. I found that I could save the settings for tone to use on future documents. Although these often needed adjusting depending on the weight and color of the paper being used. 

After scanning about a hundred documents, I finally figured out that I could change the file type from "photo" to "document". The "photo" setting was nice because it allowed me to see the edges of white pages in the preview screen, whereas the "document" setting was ideal for mostly text pages, and was especially helpful for cutting down on bleed through. Oh well, you live and learn. Any other tips for bleedthrough? 

Another issue I had was with the Women's Studies newsletters. They were mostly 8.5 x 11 booklets. I could have scanned pages in the booklet side-by-side to make it easier on myself, but I think a PDF is easier to read if it's just one page at a time. With that in mind, I had trouble deciding where on the scanner to place the cropped 8.5 x 11 section for the scan. No matter where I put it I had trouble with pages hanging over the side of the scanner as I switched from one page to the next, and with making sure my new page lined up with my cropped section. Why not hit preview each time and move my scan section? Because when dealing with so many long documents, all on the same type of paper, it saved time not to preview each page. I would be interested in hearing thoughts on this too. 


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