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Suggestions for Future Projects

Here are some ideas for projects I wish I had time to do:

WMS Department Scrapbook - Heather Lyle, University Archivist, shared a scrapbook with me when I visited her. At the time, we discussed ways to scan the book. We did not want to remove the photos from the book as it was a work of art created by members of the department (I think in the 80s-90s). We looked at ways to take the book apart to make it easier to scan the pages, but didn't try very hard as we were worried about breaking the binding. Josh and I discussed kinds of online scrapbook creation software that could be used to digitize the book, but were unsure about where the project would "live" - on the library's website or maybe on the Women's Studies page? Would it just be a link to the project or would there be a way to embed the actual project. 

Specific Subjects within Women's Studies - there is a lot of information in the subject headings of Dance, Art, Film, Science, Political Science and other interests that could be expanded and connections made between materials and shown over time. Another example would be women's bodies and anatomy. I was interested in the references beginning in the late 80s - early 90s to PMS and toxic shock syndrome. Could be interesting. 

Over time there was more attention paid to international issues and minority cultures. These could be explored further. 



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