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Searching, Uploading and Metadata Creation

It was important before I began expanding the Women's Studies collection, to familiarize myself with both what was online and in print, as much as possible anyway. I visited the University Archives where I got a feel of how much (how many boxes) there were to be scanned. I ended up touching on about half of it I think, which I'm pretty proud of. Got through all the newsletters anyway, which I think give a good view of the changes in feminist thought from the 1970s-1990s. More on that later.

I also spent some time going through the collection in the DRC, making notes on things I found interesting or was confused about - for instance, why Looking Back, Looking Forward? Why not call it Women's Studies and make it a little easier on the user? Well, it turned out I had a lot to learn about academia and funding. For instance, when a collection is named as part of a grant it is very difficult to change that name. Instead I've decided to embrace it and use it where ever possible to link the name to the collection. Looking Back, Looking Forward reminds us that we must know where we've been to know where we are going, and the old adage that to refuse to learn from history is to be doomed to repeat it. 

With the importance of documenting procedure in mind, I've created a couple of basic videos I think will be helpful to new users of the DRC, as well as anyone who might want to do a DRC-related project in the future. Enjoy!


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