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Building the Road: Help Us Revolutionize the Way Students Experience College

Hey there HASTAC and world!

I want to invite you and your brilliant minds to help me and my fraternity revolutionize the way students experience college. We need your help to come up with the most effective activities, methods, and pedagogies for our project, the Road. 

The Road was made to change the world by enriching students' collegiate experience. It aims to help students become intentional about how they affect their residential community's culture and to become conscious of how their residential community affects them. The goal is for each resident to feel valued and validated for their authentic identity and to ignite a genuine connection to the community's values and members. 

Fraternities, even the sound of them, evoke many preconceived notions of what their members do, what they constitute, and what they stand for. Today, we want you to help us define what a community, like a fraternity, can do not just for its members and their collective culture, but for the broader university and social cultures that they affect as well.

My dream is that the Road will one day be able to help not only cultivate the development for all students on college campuses, but also to benefit every organization that seeks to have more positive and meaningful communities.

Below is a google doc where you can see / edit / modit the Road curriculum and to help us come up with activities that we will be trying out face to face on Friday March 21st at Duke University.






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