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Question: Digital Humanities Graduate Student Organizations


Among my goals for this year is to convene a graduate student working group on Digital Humanities (and Social Sciences) at my university. I can come up with a small budget, a list of interested students, and some pizza, but I'd love to brainstorm larger scale ideas and structures to make such a group effective. 

I've been turning over a number of ideas in my head: works-in-progress meetings, guest speakers, skill-focused workshops, possibly a conference, reading groups, and the like. But I don't have much experience with interdisciplinary student organizations, so I'm curious what has worked for other people and what successful models are out there. 

So, if you have a student DH group on your campus, help! How is it structured? What does it do? What do you wish it did? What hasn't worked?

How successful has it been at bridging the gaps between social scientists and humanists (both in terms of training and interests)? 

Are there larger coalitions of student DH groups out there I should be aware of?

Do you know of particular groups that I should research more? Anything else I should think about?


I'm starting more or less from scratch here, so any help you can give me would be fantastic.







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