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Call for Reviewers!

The Digital History group has had great success organizing their discussions around a monthly book review of a key text in the field. Might we try that over here? 

It's an opportunity to build an annotated bibliography of the critical literature while we think through the major methodological and theoretical debates in our field. It's also a nice, low-stakes opportunity to experiment with book-reviewing.

Here's a few titles that we might consider. If you're interested in reviewing any of these, comment below!

Bobe, Reading by the Numbers

Craig and Kinney, Shakespeare, Computers, and the Mysteries of Authorship 

Foys, Virtually Anglo-Saxon

Gold, Debates in the Digital Humanities

Jockers, Macro-Analysis

Kenny, Computation of Style

Manovich, The Language of New Media

McCarty, Humanities Computing

Moretti, Graphs, Maps, and Trees

--, Distant Reading

Murray, Hamlet on the Holodeck

Ramsay, Reading Machines

There's a bit of an early modernist bias to the list, and there's very much that I've missed. Please suggest more.


If there's interest, we might expand our subjects to include critical responses to journal issues or particular digital projects that raise interesting questions. 

If you'd like to volunteer to take on a text, chime in below! 





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I'll take on Gold, Debates in the Digital Humanities to review.  Matthew, will you put together an informal calendar or schedule for the reviews/discussions after the texts are divided up?

Thanks for organizing this!