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Tracing or traversing?

In my dissertation research, I am interested in the mappings of Seattle neighborhoods, conducted by local residents, facilitated by a Seattle nonprofit organization, using mobile technology originally developed by a foundation in New York City.  More diffusely, I write about ?technologies? as both the material hardware and software that grew to prominence in the late 1990s alongside the development of social technologies: indicators that measure quality-of-life, broken windows theories of crime and urban decay, and the training of residents to view their streets in replicable ways.

In relating to the conference theme, Traversing Digital Boundaries, I feel my work is less about ?new territories? than about how the digital enacts boundaries.  Therefore, my writing is less about traversing -- as in crossing -- boundaries, and more about tracing -- walking -- boundaries themselves.  Perhaps others are thinking traversing along these lines?

HASTAC III.  ?Traversing Digital Boundaries.?
This blog is part of a series of blogs leading up to the third annual HASTAC conference, which will be held April 19-21, 2009, at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign under the theme ?Traversing Digital Boundaries.? As the theme suggests, the gathering will focus on the exploration of new territory and on work that crosses, manipulates, or simply ignores traditional boundaries. The conference program will include presentations of research, performances, technology demonstrations, posters, panel discussions, and ?virtual? participation via telepresence technology.  For more information, visit or contact


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