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Introducing, SoundBox!

Introducing, SoundBox!

The SoundBox Project wants to make it possible for scholars to use sound more creatively and intuitively in digital scholarship. We are a collaboration among doctoral students at Duke University, funded by the PhD Lab in Digital Knowledge. We are excited to share this project with the HASTAC community because we look forward to connecting with those of you who are using sound in your projects. We will be pursuing our goals for the next two years, and in that time, want to develop a conversation that extends beyond our project and our institution to consider what kind of technological tools are needed to make it easier and more effective for scholars to reference and deploy audio content. We also look forward to staging a series of provocations that will give our network an opportunity to play with sound, starting with an audio-twitter experiment. (Stay tuned for this! We will need you! And it will be fun!)

For RTP locals, we will also be presenting at an event this coming Wednesday, September 5, at Duke. Many thanks to Cathy Davidson and the HASTAC team and the Franklin Humanities Institute for supporting the event. We will be joined by frequent HASTAC contributor, Ashon Crawley, who will talk about his dissertation, "Black Sacred Breath: Historicity and the Aesthetics of Blackpentecostalism" in relation to his efforts to incorporate audio in argumentative writing.

Are you frustrated with existing players? Confused about copyright and fair use? Curious about the formal distinctions between audio and text? Have you experimented with inserting audio in your scholarly projects? If you could dream up any specification to enhance your process, what would it be? Do you think it's possible to make arguments about sound using only sound itself?

We are using the hashtag #dhsound on Twitter to curate web-content and blog posts related broadly to the concerns of our project. Please use the hashtag and be a part of this conversation. We also invite you to contact us directly at if you would like to be on our mailing list and to receive updates about the status of the project and learn more about how to be involved.

We are inspired by the efforts of many HASTAC members working on Sound Studies, particularly those that contributed to the unforgettable HASTAC Scholars Forum, "Feel the Noise." We look forward to connecting with you as we endeavor to enhance the way sound is used in digital scholarly projects.


The SoundBox Team

Mary Caton Lingold, Darren Mueller, & Whitney Trettien





I am so sad I am going to miss your Wednesday talk!  I just had a sound experience that pulled me out of an academic funk, so I will be watching what you all are up to (and hopefully I'll be able to play/participate soon)!


Looking forward to getting you involved, Jade! I think your knowledge of performance studies would be really useful to the project.