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Gender Studies (Group II) - Martha Webber's Introduction

I am a terrible group leader! I sent an introduction via email to my two group members and then remembered that I should post it here and that we wanted these up by two hours ago! I made up a few questions for my group today for us to introduce ourselves with to get to know each other better. 

What's your name and where are you currently "feminist scholaring," and what are your scholarly interests?
My name is Martha and I just finished my first year as an assistant professor at California State University Fullerton in the Department of English, Comparative Literature, and Linguistics. My field is rhetoric and composition and my research focuses on questions of citizenship formation and social action through public rhetoric or community engagement. I conduct research on and with undergraduate and graduate students at US universities and with a South African governmental agency and culture and arts nonprofit organization. 
What's one academic thing you're looking forward to this summer or upcoming year?
I have very little to no editing experience and a group of peers and I have had a special issue proposal accepted for a digital journal in my field, Harlot. The issue will focus on "Crafting and DIY Rhetorics."
What's one non-academic thing you're looking forward to this summer or upcoming year?
My brother and sister-in-law have had the first child in the family for this generation – her name is Mazi and she was born in February - I'm working on a quilt for her that I want to finish this summer that I'm making from my grandparents' clothing so she can be close to her great-grandparents even though we lost them shortly before she was born. 
Current or favorite media object (movie/book/podcast/or ?) you're engaging with?
I've just started reading N. Scott Momaday's The Names: A Memoir. I have not belonged to a reading group in a long while and have joined one this summer here in the Santa Barbara area where I live when I'm not teaching in Fullerton. I pretend to be an essayist/creative nonfiction writer so I'm excited to read it for its form/technique as well as powerful experience/content.

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