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panel, cont'd..Feminist Practice & Perspectives: How do we address hate crimes?

Paulette is speaking out against capitalism and imperialism.  "Settler colonialism" needs to be acknowledged and acted out against.  White privilege is taught, and "until we address the system itself," injustice will only continue.  She says our society has been built "on the backs of slaves and the bones of indigenous people."  She is powerful in her convictions, saying, "don't let others go out and risk their lives while you sit in a privileged space."

Rep Finney is straught about "serious problems in America today" - there is going to be more violence when hate speech happens and hatred is emboldened.  She says it is up to us to protect trans* individuals and overall, we need to foster respect and tolerance! 

Stephanie says that as a trans* person, she has struggled with disrespect - but despite this, she continues to advocate and fight for the greater common good.


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