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Grassroots Activism in Kansas - Challenges?

Next up:  "What challenges have you faced in your advocacy?"

Rep Finney says she has to constantly work to stay focused and committed to her issues.  She says people have to "get enraged about the issues" and speak truth to power!  

Stephanie says for trans* issues the biggest challenge is "people who already think they know" about trans* issues.  She encourages us to get beyond the surface and to delve more deeply - to understand that for some trans* people, it is a constant struggle, even fearing for your life.  She encourages us to work together and move past our challenges.

Fatima has experienced varying challenges, depending on which group she is working with, for example "impenetrable systems" and seeing connections between broader issues.  It can also be difficult to keep the momentum going on various issues, to inspire action, and to address fear.

Paulette shares that invisibility as Native People has been an ongoing struggle.  Diversity in religion can also be challenging.  Xenophobia and politics are also critical.  Patriarchy, white supremacy and "ultra-individualism" - people not communicating with each other.  


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