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Dr. Stovall: ISJ Keynote - Audience Q&A

Dr. Stovall is now taking audience Q&A:

Q:  Where do we find the balance between reality and activism?

Dr. Stovall says he prefers the term harmony vs balance.  Strive for clarity in what you do.  Get support from your network, "pull from the universe of people that are doing the work you want to do."  Don't look at things singularly; get support wherever you can!

Trust that if you do what you are passionate about, you will find your people!

Q:  A student is asking, I once took a course about prisons.  Growing up in Compton, CA...and one of the things in the course was the way that schools infuse prison into their structure - how is trauma infused via this system into brown and black bodies?

Stovall says we need to infuse the language of the school to prison pipeline - it is more of a nexus.  Schools sometimes "set up the matrix for punishment"  - i.e. "silent lunches" punish kids.

The "school to prison pipeline" absolutely has to be rethought!

Q:  A KU professor asks about "violence being engineered"  Is it also engineered in higher education, particularly for women faculty of color?  How can these women navigate this landscape?

Stovall acknowledges higher education can be "hostile in a subdued way."  It is a "gendered form of violence."  It is also a space of bodies of people of color with regard to "why are they here?!"  One of the ways to navigate this, he says, is asking what practices are engaged to affirm our community.

Create a community of affirmation of support.  Stovall calls it a "spiral" of negativity of which we must be aware about!  Continue to do your work.  It is important NOT to become isolated.



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