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From the Center Digital Storytelling Screening -- San Francisco Public Library 4/19

From the Center Digital Storytelling Screening -- San Francisco Public Library 4/19


Hi all, 

I kindly invite you to the first community screening of the From the Center digital stories at the San Francisco Public Library on April 19th. FTC is a 4 year participatory feminist collaboration with the Forensic AIDS Project SF Dept of Public Health that conducts the HIV/AIDS testing and education in the SF Jail. The digital stories were created by women incarcerated in the San Francisco as storytellers, educators, and advocates for their own lives and communities, offering vital perspectives and interventions on HIV/AIDS. The digital stories are utilized as HIV/AIDS prevention educational curricula inside and outside the jail setting. 

Our first screening was in the San Francisco Jail and the latest one at UCSF Center for AIDS Prevention Studies. This screening marks a very special occasion for a community discussion and celebration of the digital stories that is open to the public. Our second screening is planned for the Bayview Hunter's Point led by digital storyteller Helen Hall. We were thrilled to present at HASTAC V this year,  and I hope very much HASTAC members will be able to join us on April 19th. 

We are also excited to share the news of our developing Advisory Board which includes feminist advocates, writers, and thinkers such as Jackie Gordon, Catherine White, Michele Pauly, Breeyana Singletary, and Carole Stabile. Our official launch of the website is forthcoming.

Any questions please contact Isela Gonzalez per the flier below.

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