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Celebrating Nat'l Po Month! Poets and Twitter!

Forwarding this exciting news Poets tweeting! Should not be missed! Excited for DA Powell! Jennifer Chang! Ronaldo Wilson! Ching-In Chen! Kazim Ali! Jericho Brown! and so many other amazing poets! 


In April, the Academy of American Poets will launch a month-long series of guest poets featured on its streaming Twitter feed. Throughout each day during National Poetry Month, a selected poet will have 24 hours to post his or her daily insights before passing the baton. 

Users are invited to follow the Academy of American Poets on Twitter to keep up-to-date on the latest poetry posts online at:


Guest tweeters include [follow @]: 

4/1 D.A. Powell 
4/2 Dawn Lundy Martin 
4/3 Noelle Kocot 
4/4 Richard Siken 
4/5 Jennifer Chang 
4/6 Joshua Clover 
4/7 J. Michael Martinez 
4/8 Mark Bibbins 
4/9 Jenn Knox 
4/10 Randall Mann 
4/11 CAConrad 
4/12 Ada Limon 
4/13 Graham Foust 
4/14 Evie Shockley 
4/15 Jen Bervin 
4/16 Ken Chen 
4/17 Sherwin Bitsui 
4/18 Noah Eli Gordon 
4/19 Ronaldo Wilson 
4/20 Nate Pritts 
4/21 Danielle Pafunda 
4/22 Amy King 
4/23 Ching-in Chen 
4/24 John Gallaher 
4/25 Srikanth Reddy 
4/26 Jericho Brown 
4/27 Gabrielle Calvocoressi 
4/28 Kazim Ali 
4/29 Lyrae Van Clief-Stefanon 
4/30 Dorothea Lasky 


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