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Daniel Ellsberg Says Boycott Amazon: Wikileaks

I've been wanting to write about Army Spc. Bradley Manning ever since I watched "Collateral Murder." In late May 2010, Manning was arrested and suspected of providing the "Collateral Murder" video to WikiLeaks. "Collateral Murder" is a classified US military video which depicts the slaying by US military of over a dozen people in a Iraqi suburb.  My dear friend and colleague, documentary filmmaker and Ethnic Studies doctoral student, Julie Thi Underhill who does vital work on war crimes, Vietnam War, and Khmer Rouge genocide showed me the video, after attending a rally for Manning's release in Berkeley.  And not surprisingly, the video proved to be utterly horrifying. It reinforced, in grainly black and white, the untimely deaths of a never ending war, a war whose violence is never exposed to U.S. civilians, until Wikileaks.  

To see the video "Collateral Murder" please check out,

But this blog post, is not centrally about Bradley Manning. It's about or a reposting of an email I just received in regards to Daniel Ellsberg writes in regards to Amazon terminating hosting Wikileaks because of U.S. governmental pressure. I've included the email in its entirety below.  Please stay tuned for a Manning post, but until then, if you haven't already, please visit to sign the petition. & buy from local bookstores, let's keep Amazon accountable. 

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Daniel Ellsberg Says Boycott Amazon 

Posted By Daniel Ellsberg On December 2, 2010 

Open letter to Customer Service 


I'm disgusted by Amazon's cowardice and servility in abruptly terminating today its hosting of the Wikileaks website, in the face of threats from Senator Joe Lieberman and other Congressional right-wingers. I want no further association with any company that encourages legislative and executive officials to aspire to China's control of information and deterrence of whistle-blowing.

For the last several years, I've been spending over $100 a month on new and used books from Amazon. That's over. I ask Amazon to terminate immediately my membership in Amazon Prime and my Amazon credit card and account, to delete my contact and credit information from their files and to send me no more notices.

I understand that many other regular customers feel as I do and are responding the same way. Good: the broader and more immediate the boycott, the better. I hope that these others encourage their contact lists to do likewise and to let Amazon know exactly why they're shifting their business. I've asked friends today to suggest alternatives, and I'll be exploring service from Powell's Books, Half-Price Books, Biblio and others.

So far Amazon has spared itself the further embarrassment of trying to explain its action openly. This would be a good time for Amazon insiders who know and perhaps can document the political pressures that were brought to bear-and the details of the hasty kowtowing by their bosses-to leak that information. They can send it to Wikileaks (now on servers outside the US), to mainstream journalists or bloggers, or perhaps to sites like <> [1] that have now appropriately ended their book-purchasing association with Amazon.

Yours (no longer), Daniel Ellsberg


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