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2010 Schedule: BCNM Art, Technology, and Culture Colloquium

Announcing the 2010 Spring Schedule for The Art,
Technology, and Culture Colloquium of the Berkeley
Center for New Media:

Jan 29: Joe McKay, Artist, SUNY Purchase, NY
         Something Besides Super Monkey Ball
         (co-presented with BAMPFA (* time,
         location see below))

Feb 8 : Shari Frilot, Filmmaker, Sundance
         The Power of the Erotic:
         Curatorial Strategies at Sundance New
         Frontier Program

Mar 15: Leo Villareal, Artist, NY
         Complex Simplicity: Investigating the
         Medium of Light
         (co-presented with SJMA)

Apr 5:        Anne Walsh and Chris Kubick, Artists, UC
         Berkeley and Oakland, CA Conversing,
         Considering, Condensing, Conjuring: 7
         Years of Collaboration

Apr 26: Eugene Thacker, Theorist, Georgia Tech,
         Darklife: Philosophy and the Problem of
         Life Itself

Free and open to the public.

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The Art, Technology, and Culture Colloquium of
the Berkeley Center for New Media and the
Berkeley Art Museum present:

Something Besides Super Monkey Ball
Joe McKay, Artist, SUNY Purchase, New York

** Please Note Special Day and Location:
** Friday, January 29, 7:30 - 9 pm
** Location: Berkeley Art Museum
Free and open to the public.

Joe McKay employs humor and irony to question our
culture's love affair with technology.        He'll
present his latest work, BigTime, a time keeping
system that uses an iPhone app and a website to
help users reconnect with the planet and the
nature of time. "Far from a productivity tool,
BigTime can be an annoying pain in the butt, yet,
(like a booster shot) it's an important one."
Joe will also present his earlier projects with
talking robots, video games, misbehaving progress
bars, Streetview mashups, and Gmail hacks.


Joe McKay works in several different mediums:
photo, video, programing, performance, websites,
games, sculpture and he enjoys the flexibility
this grants him.  He is an Assistant Professor of
New Media at SUNY Purchase. He has an
undergraduate degree from the Nova Scotia College
of Art and Design, and a MFA from UC Berkeley. In
2000, Mckay participated in the Whitney
Independent study program. He has exhibited his
work at VertexList, the New Museum, Berkeley art
Museum, ICA San Jose, The Neuberger Museum,
Postmasters Gallery, La Casa Encendida, and the
National Gallery of Canada. In the fall of 2010,
he will have a solo show at Pari Nadimi Gallery
in Toronto.  Joe is disproportionately proud of
how incredibly googleable he is.  BigTime is on
exhibit in the Berkeley Art Museum's NetArt

ATC Director:                Ken Goldberg
ATC Assoc. Director:        Greg Niemeyer
BCNM Assoc. Director:        Susan Miller
Curated with:                ATC Advisory Board

Primary Sponsors:
        * Berkeley Center for New Media (BCNM)
        * Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor
         and Provost
        * Center for Information Technology in the
         Interest of Society (CITRIS)

Selected events co-presented with:
        * Berkeley Art Museum / Pacific Film Archive
        * Cal Performances
        * SF Museum of Modern Art
        * Contemporary Jewish Museum
        * SJ Museum of Art
        * Townsend Center for the Humanities

Contact:, 510-495-3505
For updated information, and to join the
atc mailing list:



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