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Interns Needed Center for Digital Storytelling

Hi All,

Just wanted to forward this opportunity for an internship with 
Silence Speaks Project  out  of the Center for Digital Storytelling, 
led by Amy Hill. Silence Speaks does innovative work in HIV/AIDS 
and gender justice issues through digital storytelling. 
This is a fantastic opportunity to get involved 
with an important project working at the intersections of race, gender, and 
technology. Look forward to a HASTAC blog post interview with 
Amy Hill that will be posted shortly! 


Interns Needed for the Center for Digital Storytelling's
Silence Speaks Project  (

About Us:


Silence Speaks is an international digital storytelling initiative supporting the telling and witnessing of stories that all too often remain unspoken -- of surviving and thriving in the wake of violence and abuse, armed conflict, or displacement, and of challenging stigma or marginalization. Our workshops blend oral history, popular education, and participatory media production, enabling people to create short videos about their own lives.  We modify our methods to accommodate languages, literacies, and technologies in a given setting. The guiding vision is to listen deeply, attend carefully to pain and grief, explore issues of power and media representation, and build leadership skills for change. Stories are shared as tools for training, community mobilization, and policy advocacy to promote health, gender equality, and human rights locally and globally.


Position Description:


We have ongoing openings for reliable and motivated graduate-level interns to assist with research, writing, web development, and customized program development in the area of international health and development and human rights. Interns will have the opportunity to explore new media tools and share their own stories. Depending on background and interests, interns can choose from among a range of assignments, including:


Coordinating the development of outreach materials, curricula, web sites, promotional materials, and/or other needed materials;


Playing a role in proposal writing, case study development, and/or evaluation design, implementation, data analysis, and reporting;


Assisting with preparation, instruction, and post-production related to customized digital storytelling workshops with our partners; and


Web design and updates (




Strong interest in the use of participatory media production and narrative for the promotion of health and human rights. Solid level of comfort with Macintosh computers required, including basic knowledge of Word, Excel, etc. Proficiency in Photoshop, iPhoto, Final Cut Pro or Express, iMovie, Adobe Premiere, HTML, Dreamweaver, iDVD, and/or DVD Studio Pro highly desired. Willingness to commit to at least one day per week for at least three months preferred, but project-based, short-term or longer-term opportunities are also available.


To Inquire:


Please submit statement of interest and resume to Amy Hill, CDS Silence Speaks/Special Projects Director, at


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