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LazosNexos Exp1

Some time ago (2014) I proposed the idea of ​​having a cell phone application that would allow you to view the existing relationships in the contact list. The conceptual basis of this work was basically based on the proposal of Bruno Latour's actor network.

However, it is complex, it seems, to solve the technical challenges that allow visualization in a network diagram natively in a cell phone. Although it is possible to solve the challenge in another way, the ideal or expected is that it is achieved as a native application and that works offline.

While solving the technical problems, it is possible to appreciate a prototype on the web to visualize, through a network diagram, the results of a survey in time (almost) real. As a social and collaborative experiment I find it important to consider the relationships that are built around themes common to a group.

LazosNexos Exp1:

In Peru, appeared a few months ago, a corruption scandal (Lava Jato case) involving the last four constitutional presidents of the country. Given this situation, this experiment tries to register the expressions of the citizens and associate them with the names of the former presidents of the Republic of Peru.


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