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Beehive Design Collective

Anyone interested in the relationship between art and activism might beinterested in this 'group.' I like the metaphor of bees andcross-pollination as a way of visualizing activism in the informationage.


I am particularly interested in what they call graphic campaigns...


where they rely on the power of the image to convey ideas to a diverse audience. As an artist, I am interested in the creation of images for the purpose of sharing and letting go of the claim to 'author' of the image. As an academic, I am interested in the challenge of gaining knowledge for the purpose of sharing in a popular sense as opposed to what the beehive refers to as "hoarding knowledge." By letting go of authorship, the group is attempting to undo the power relationship between expert and audience. I also think this might be an interesting point of discussion ... how do unequal power relationships hinder (word choice?) activist projects? Does the use of visuals as opposed to words help in evening the power relationship between activist leader and audience?





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