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Questions for Prof. Sarah Kenderdine - Data Sculpting and Visualisation Specialist

Hi All,

I am going to have the privelege of interviewing Professor Sarah Kenderdine in two days.

Professor Kenderdine is the Deputy Director of The National Institute for Experimental Arts (NIEA) and the Director of the iGLAM Lab (Laboratory for Innovation in Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums). She researches at the forefront of interactive and immersive experiences for museums and galleries. In widely exhibited installation works, she has amalgamated cultural heritage with new media art practice, especially in the realms of interactive cinema, augmented reality and embodied narrative. In 2013, she received the International Council of Museums Award (Australia), Australian Arts in Asia Innovation Award, Tartessos Prize (Arqueológica) and the Digital Heritage International Congress & IMéRA Foundation (Aix-Marseille University) Fellowship. In 2014 she was awarded the CHASS Prize for Distinctive Work for Pure Land, an immersive and interactive 3D digital experience of the Dunhuang Caves, China.

Check out this link for more info:

I am very interested in any suggestions for questions that this group may have - as students interested in this area of research. Particularly immersive data visualisation and interactive digital humanities or heritage.

I will be writing up the interview and posting a blog entry so the questions and discussion is available for everyone here.

Hope to hear from you!

Thanks, Maddy


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