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3D reconstruction and documentation - ability to provide a pseudo primary interpretation?

Hi all,

I just thought I would add a quick blog entry on my research and spark some discussion on the potential for 3D reconstructions of large scale sites.

I am a first year PhD student in Archaeology at the University of Western Australia where my research revolves around applying new techniques and computer vision technologies to the field of underwater shipwreck recording. The results of my research will contribute to methodological approaches to archaeological recording, interpretation and communication. 

I am currently battling with some discussions on the impacts we make in our primary interpretation of data and archaeological sites. Do you think that our ability to now record sites photographically, in high resolution, and create accurate 3D reconstructions allows us to perhaps make primary interpretations of a site virutally (without relying on un-objective site plan drawings, descriptions etc)? I understnad that we should never want to take away our interpretation during excavation or survey work - I am more leaning towards future generations of archaeologists who cannot revisit a site because it has been excavated.

Let me know what you think!



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