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Digital Media Learning's New Lyrics

On the questions of life, reggae master, Johnny Nash, concluded in 1972, that "...the more I find out, the less I know".

If Nash was with us at M-Ubuntu's first Global Mobile Learning Conference, I'm sure he'd help us write new lyrics to that reggae classic, because we've discovered that the more we found out, the more we wanted to know.

That's what digital media in learning does - it produces a healthy resolve for a meaningful more.

Conference participants saw the benefits more could do for learning and took steps to make that possible. And that insight was the consequence of what Spectrum Primary School and Ramosadi Primary School have been involved in this last year - a special focus on digital media learning.

Learners spoke out during the conference, answering questions from Ann Arbor to Beijing to Cape Town. They were excuberant when sharing their experiences with Mobile Phones as a tool for learning. Although they felt unsure when they started a year ago,  they were not hesitant. Under the inspiring help of their teachers, they explored creative learning activities that resulted in them feeling special, having been given the opportunity. They also verbalised their joy at being engaged in their learning, connected to the world, respected for their contributions and valued for learning activities they themselves created.

Such was their testimony that educators, a 1000 miles away, scheduled for a 3-way classroom of the 6th Graders at the 3 schools. Another conference participant, Desmond Baartman, who recently took up an assignment with the Office of Cape Town's mayor to improve literacy initiatives in the region, is seriously considering introducing Mobile Learning as an integral part of his strategy.

For myself and, I am sure for M-Ubuntu's partner, DiGameworks, all these urge us to know more, but most of all, to do more, because, as my new DML friend, Jeff Kupperman puts it, "we need to provide these young learners with the confidence that they have a contribution to make that the world needs to know" - that is the new lyric of Digital Media Learning.


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