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Setting a Country on Fire - One Mobile Learner at a Time

A group of teachers together with their two principals have just returned from the Reading Association of South Africa's annual conference.

The M-Ubuntu team presented their innovative idea of using mobile phones for projects in schools and for helping prepare learners for national examinations.

Attendees at their workshop were "stunned" at the possibility of using mobile phones in the learning process and it appears as if M-Ubuntu could now take a leap into coaching other schools in the use of mobiles - a surprise that came rather early in this pilot.

During the workshop the team shared how they coach learners and how they are being coached in doing projects using mobile phones. They also shared a brief video overview of the origins of the M-Ubuntu idea.

Lucy Haagen from Duke University, is making such an impression on the principals and teachers during her training at both schools that it will be hard for her to leave after the month is over. She got the team ready for the presentations at the conference. Listen to her comments and those of the principal of Spectrum Primary School by clicking here. (See the audio links at the bottom of the article on the conference).


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