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Links to an assortment of my posts: Emerging technologies, Internet of Things, Ubiquitous Computing, SmartGrid, Multi-touch...


I thought I'd share links to an assortment of blog posts - if you are familiar with my posts, you know that my blogs are my on-line filing cabinets, open to the world.  My posts usually contain visual and multi-media content, along with links to additional information and resources for those who are looking deep into a particular topic.


From The World Is My Interface:

Pervasive Computing and Advertising: Will the World Become A Space for Giant Banner and Pop-up Ads?!

Still a dream: Ubiquitous Women in Technology

David Orban's Internet of Things & Spime Design presentation at the Singularity University 2009

Singularity University? What about a Singularity Community College, with a mobile/distance learning option?

InfoVis from Hans Rosling: Swine Flu vs Tuberclosis Deaths and the News/Death Ratio

The IBM Web or Internet of Things: "A Smarter Planet"

News about Smart Grids and Smart Kitchens

LTE vs WiMax: Trying my best to understand emerging technologies....

Pervasive Computing, DOOH, Intelligent Buildings, Programmable Nano-based Sensors, Privacy & Security, & Ethics...hmmm

Ubiquitous Technologies: RTLS & Wireless Sensor Networks Summit

Convergence: Mobile content, Interactive Displays, Digital Out of Home, & Danoo

Video Clip: Nokia's Study of Gestures Around the World (6th sense?)

Interaction with Mobile Phones: Building On Android - Sony Ericsson's Rachael & HTC Hero

Haptic Tactile Feedback for the iPhone? MacRumors says, "YES!"

Measuring the World's Use of Technology, Measuring the Impact of Technology Use Around the World

Verizon/Novatel MiFi Personal Hot Spot: I want one!

From the Interactive Multimedia Technology blog:

Multi-touch Musical Instruments- Surface Editor

Interactive Billboard Hightlights the HP TouchSmart PC

Interactive "Multimedia" at the Supermarket

RENCI at UNC-Charlotte has a Multi-Touch Table in the Visualization Center!

More Multi-touch! Rumor of the Mobile Apple iTablet, Adobe XD & Multitouch; 10-Finger Mobile Multi-touch

Dr. Jan Borchers' (Annotated) Top Ten List of Books on Human Computer Interaction - Of interest to HCI students (and HCI students-at-heart)

Global Imagination's Magic Planet: An Interactive Digital Sphere

The new iPhone icons can speak: "Voiceover" makes it accessible to people with vision impairments - Via David Pogue

Multi-touch Virtual Poker?!

Ben 10 Alien Force Game Creator from Cartoon Network: Social Game Creation Online for Kids!

NUI-Group Members: What are they doing now?

Where are they now?  Revisiting Interactive User Interface Projects

Haptics and Interactive Simulations

Keeping Up with Technology: Journal for Computing Teachers

TEI '10: Fourth International Conference on Tangible, Embedded, and Embodied Interaction

Human Media Lab's Organic User Interfaces and Interactive Sphere

Lonley Planet Travel App by Amnesia-Razorfish for Surface

My Summer Emerging Technology "Wish to Play" List!

More from LM3LABS: Interactive Multimedia Content Displays based on AirSTrike and the Touchless Ubiq'Window

Interactive Touch Tables are Multiplying!  Ideum's new 100" mult-touch museum display; Ubisoft Ruse on a Surface...

Information about Touch Screens, Multi-touch & Gesture Interaction is Multiplying


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