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Thoughts about technology, "everyware healthcare" & my dad. (Stories from the ICU, Songs from the LTACH)

My father had surgery over a month ago, spent about 3 weeks in the ICU, and now is living the life of luxury in a LTACH, stranded in a city where he does not live, hundreds of miles away from family and friends.   I've written a few blog posts related to health care, emergency health records, and technology designed to support the elderly, focusing on issues related to the "health-care user experience".

Here are some links to my posts:

The Web of Things, Wireless Sensor Networks, Embedded Systems, and (Everyware) Health Care

"Everyware Health Care": A Personal Focus

Everyware Health Care": Real Life Examples Softkinetic 3D Gesture Recognition for Games and Rehabilitative Play

ElderGadget Blog: Useful Tech and Tools

Everyware Health Care: Microsoft's Common User Interface website, usable health care applications, and pervasive health games

Digital Light Box for Hospitals: The Multi-touch Future of Electronic Health Records

Update on Accessiblity and Interactive Games

Ubiquitous Computing - Grandpa and grandkids use a webcam and Skype acrossthe miles:  "EMR: The Movie"


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