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Look, touch, listen, and play: Seth Sandler's Interactive multi-touch, multi-user audio table; NUI Group News

Seth Sandler is a university student who is finishing up his bachelor degree inInterdisciplinary Computing and the Arts, with an emphasis on Music, atthe University of California, San Diego. His research and developmentwork centers around multi-touch, multi-user musical interfaces. Seth Sandler is a member of the NUI Group, also known as the Natural User Interface Group.

I've been following Seth and the other members of the NUI group forabout a year or so and it so exciting to see how things have evolved insuch a short period of time.

Seth's Audio Touch blog chronicles his journey and includes pictures of the multi-touch table he built. I've attached Seth's most recent video of his table-top music application below.

About the NUI Group:

"Natural User Interface or ~ Interactive Multimedia Technology blog.


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