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Lynn Marentette's blogs in podcast format, via Odiogo

Here are links to the podcast feeds for my blogs, courtesy of Odiogo:

Technology-Supported Human-World Interaction

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This should be great for those of you who like to listen to podcasts. Odiogo uses a nearly-human sounding speech system. What you'll hear is a male voice. I guess I should find out if the settings can be changed!


Update: I still haven't found out how to change the settings.  



Hi, Lynn, Thanks so much for this. I happen this morning (despite having just written another too-long blog entry on epublishing) to be working on my chapter for Ways of Knowing on high school drop outs, incarceration rates in the U.S., NCLB, and other factors. Your TechPsych blog is an invaluable resource and is leading me all over to some resources I'd missed. Thank you!



I'm glad we've had the opportunity to share information. I'd like to see your chapter when you have it completed.

We live in the "Information Age", but it is increasingly difficult to keep up and manage everything we'd like to know using traditional methods.

Three to four years ago, I relied on half-read journals, handouts from conferences, print-outs from on-line articles, and trips to the library to find what I needed. My home file cabinet was ready to explode.

I couldn't find what I was looking for half of the time. You really can't do a quick "search" through a file cabinet, even if it is half-way organized.

Now my blogs are my file cabinets, and I don't mind sharing them.


With Web 2.0, there

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Interactive Multimedia Technology
Technology-Supported Human-World Interaction